Wave Bench - This large public bench is 16 feet long. The interactive form provides five seats of varying proportion as well as many places to sit or lean along the arms. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
Ice Jam Bench - Multi Level outdoor seating 11' long
Mystery Spot Public Furniture - Public seating in sculptural forms. This comfortable bench will seat two and provide variety of seating geometries across the width.
Beam Bench - It is a solid white pine beam with some notches for seats and iron feet. Used as furniture in the lobby.
Fault Line Bench - Indoors or Outdoors the Fault Line bench by Cameron Van Dyke will stand up to seismic public use. A puzzle of interlocking Ipe plates makes up the seat surface and the 11’ long powder coated base holds those plates together in a unique jagged shape.
Public Furniture
Cameron Van Dyke
Furniture designer/builder Grand Rapids, MI