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Terrex AV81 - Software: 3ds Max, Photoshop, Vray

Terrex AV81 is a locally designed Infantry Carrier Vehicle in Singapore. The high resolution model was created much earlier for 3D game simulation purposes. While the low polygon game model was only needed by the client, the high resolution model is never put for show. Just thought it would be great to re-work on it and make it another piece of portfolio for my newly set-up studio:)

Gulfstream G200 in the air - Gulfstream G200 is the first of the new generation of super mid-sized business jets.
Camou Studio is an animation boutique with AAA production quality, for advanced media production.
The Puzzle Animation - The main puzzle searches around for the missing puzzles. The so-called Hero puzzle finally brings all the missing pieces to form up a whole picture.
3D Hand drawing on sand - This is a 3D hand making strokes on sand to reveal a sand drawing of dragonfly. This is part of a sequenced animation.
Camou Studio
3D Animation Production Company based in Singapore Malaysia, Singapore