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Magnatone Brand Identity
Magnatone Poster/Flyer Design
Magnatone Brand Design and Development

A design of passion…my lifelong friends’ local band regrouped and changed their name to Magnatone. As a self-appointed groupie and a huge fan of their original music, I wanted to tune up their brand by creating a new ‘band identity’. Knowing the band, their music and learning that he new name pays homage to the Magnatone brand guitars and amps sold in the mid 30’s thru the mid 70’s, I reworked the V-shape that was used in the original logo to create the M logo graphic using antique gold and black with the retro rock logotype. As dates for live gigs were set, I amplified their exposure with posters, social media and YouTube posts. For a retro look, sepia tone effects are applied to black and white images of the band. Color and focal point graphics are used to make the visuals pop.

Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Tina Campana
Graphic Designer/Art Director Columbus, OH