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It all started when our client needed a surveillance system to allow them to manage their multiple Subway® stores. They needed system that could be easily accessed anytime, anywhere from their iOS devices. Unable to find system that met their needs, they came up with their own solution. It worked so well, they called on us to help them develop and market the system for public use. We worked with the client to research and test the hardware, software, and cameras to establish how the components would translate to a customizable product solution. We researched competitors, analyzed products, and finalized the components and features. With the product specs in place, we created the brand name, Remote Patrol, and the logo identity, web site and support materials were designed. Over the years system updates and Apps were developed, so it was time to update the brand. Designs shown here are a part of the rebrand strategy for the logo identity, web site, and support materials.

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Tina Campana
Graphic Designer/Art Director Columbus, OH