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April 11th, 2010. USC had their annual fashion show, and I was one of the 13 designers represented! Half of them professional, the other half students.
Corset and Drapey Skirt
Boned Bustier Dress!
Plaid vest, Straight Skirt w/ silk-screened graphic
Knit dress
Tailored jacket, pink tulle skirt! - this skirt makes me feel like a fairy princess.
Circle skirt, white Tank
White turtle neck, Blanket skirt - I made this mini skirt out of a blanket, bought from a thrift store, in high school. 7 years ago or so :D
Black double-knit jumper, snap skirt
FIA Fashion Show, April 11th, 2010! - the skirt snaps off to reveal the little booty jumper! model totally rocked this outfit
My line! - Look at my name up there, in lights...heh
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FIA Fashion Show at USC
Candy Winters
Fashion Designer/Writer/Grad Student San Francisco, CA