I figured most visitors wouldn't be from Toronto so I started on the road and with the approach... hoping something like a highway statue would stand out and indicate the visitor's presence or distance.
I jumped too far ahead... and started drawing terminals
Checkpoints at every subway stop? After critique week 6 or so the prof said we should redefine the technology into something more.
First Storyboard.
Chalk Ideation.
influenced by Iron Man.
Model 1 - a checkpoint - You imput videos, images, sounds maybe?
Your info is then displayed in the same space you are walking through.
What if
What if
Mr Stark and his '' vacuum form wire frame manipulatable projection '' The basis of our tech for BB.
Your Garden

A projection for BlackBerry in the year 2015 during the Pan Am Games. A group effort.

We were to propose a new mind space for BB in the events to come for Toronto during the Pan Am Games. Throughout an 8 or so week process we drew upon a conceptual framework that would solidify itself into what BB wanted to be in the future.

Anthony Paul ...
3D Interactive Map Designer, Abstract Artist Hamilton, Canada