AdvoCare is a direct sales company that offers nutrition not only for people in sports f but also for the average person. The big idea was to create a mark that conveyed global health and sports nutrition. Our tagline "We Build Champions" meant everyone can be a champion through physical and financial wellness— housewives, truck drivers, teachers etc.
Apogee - Innovation Technology showing breakthrough technology
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Inspire logo was for a children's non-profit organization. I used bright colors and playful type to reflect the heart and spirit of a child.
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Logo mark for Positive Education Summit
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Zurvita's redesigned a mark that represents fun, high energy, moving thinking. I used orange to help support vibrant energy.
This is an initial thought process creating a thumbnail sheet using the "V" and concepting for a company named Visalus.
This was a logo for a new publishing division for VideoPlus. Using negative and positive space to create a plus sign then the four colors that represent the brand for that division
Logo designs

Here are a few logo designs I created.

Inspire- A non-profit organization
Apogee- Software company
Zurvita- Redesigned Zurvita logo
Plus Publishing logo

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Carl Waters