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Caricature - During a digital illustration class at Belas Artes University, I had to choose an actress and make a caricature of her using Adobe Photoshop.
The result is Fernanda Montenegro as Edna (the fashion designer of the movie"The Incredibles").
Concept Trycicle "Trisensation" - An Eletric Trycicle that was my graduation project (developed during my internship at GM) and presented in Voxel Magazine in November 2009.
Trycicle "Trisensation" at MCB - My graduation project "Concept Trycicle Trisensation" was chosen to be presented at the 23º Design Contest Museu da Casa Brasileira in August 2009.
Belas Artes University
Carolina Liberatti
Automotive Color & Trim Designer São Paulo, Brazil