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Magnetic Hummer ideation, concept, sketches and final prototype (2008)
Internship Project - During my Internship at GM I develop this project that consists on an electric tricycle that has room for two people, and has a tilting mechanism according to the angle of the curves. That way consumers that don't drive motorcycles could experience the same emotion inside this tricycle.
This project was presented as my Graduation Project at college and now it has been chosen to the second phase of the 23rd Museu da Casa Brasileira Design Contest.
Magnetic Hummer - My project during the internship at GM was this tricycle that has a magnetic mechanism that allows consumers to put two of this tricycles together. That way you can buy just one tricycle or two of them (with room for 4 people at most). To go to work you can use just one tricycle and face the traffic problems and when you want to travel with your family, you just use the magnetic sistem and it becames a vehicle with room for 4 people at most.
To the final mock up I used PU, clay, and car paint.
Sketch to the Super Rods Book - I had an automotive drawing published in Hélio Queiros' Book "Super Rods" in 2008 using free hand sketch and Photoshop.
Free Sketch - It's a free hand sketch with pen, marker and Photoshop.
General Motors Brazil Internship

Concept, Sketch, Scale Clay Model, Prototype.

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Carolina Liberatti
Automotive Color & Trim Designer São Paulo, Brazil