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FCE Fair 2009 - I created the flower drawing (using CorelDraw) to be printed (hotstamping) in some of Wheaton glass packaging to the FCE Fair in 2009.
Agua de Cheiro Client - I created some new graphic proposal to Sound Perfum from Agua de Cheiro Client.
The aim was to make a new graphic design, modern, with bright colors and softtouch paint (the black one).
Agua de Cheiro Design Proposals - I propose new graphic design to some of Agua de Cheiro perfums. The Incantare perfum is printed by tampography and the others are silkscreen.
Domestic Utility - I created some drawings to the glasses related to tattoos. All the arts were created in CorelDraw and the image treatment was done in Photoshop.
The plates' arts were free creation.
Proposal to Jequiti Client - These are some ideas for new perfum from Jequiti according to the culture in Polynesia, Caribbean and India.
Wheaton Internship
Carolina Liberatti
Automotive Color & Trim Designer São Paulo, Brazil