Series of 3d character shaped umbrella handles for children's clothing line Kidorable.
Clay mockups for ladybug, fireman and dinosaur umbrella handle concepts.
Fire hydrant umbrella handle design.
Umbrella handle design for dinosaur themed children’s umbrella.
This frog umbrella handle uses the typical umbrella handle hook shape but adds tentacles and digits of a tree frog.
Design for molded children's umbrella handle. A Ladybug is iconic for it's circular shape, but in order to fit a child's hand safely and comfortably the limits of that recognizable ladybug shape was explored.
Design for molded children's umbrella handle. The challenge was making a cat's tail into an umbrella handle with just one color of molded plastic. This was achieved through contrast in texture with part of the handle having hair grooves and part of the handle being polished smooth to give the illusion of an iconic white tipped tail of a cat.
Design for molded children's umbrella handle. Butterfly wings are small on the back to be cute, but also for ergonomic design.
Umbrella Handle Designs

A series of fun unique shaped umbrella handles for a children's clothing and accessories company.

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Casey Hayes
Creative Director Los Angeles, CA