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Colleoni - Big pot inspired by Priapo and by the legendary Colleoni for those who love provocations and do not care of other people judgements.
C-Zero - The competition required to reinterpret and combine at least one of the 100 parts that form the mechanics and body of Citroen cars, transforming them into objects of everyday use.C-zero is a tricycle for 0-80 age, realized by using different parts: a rim C4 for the front wheel, a rear headrest C1 for the seat and three hub-caps C4. The tricycle is the first Citroen of the C series.
Pouf Up - Big pouf that remembers a big bra. Pouf-up can be used as a soft stuffed carpet or it can be transformed in a sphere simply by binding its strings. This is the right product for sexy games and for those who needs something new to revitalize their love relationships.
Peace&Beer - Peace&Beer is an unconventional weapon to reconvert the war industry. The famous italian company Nastro Azzurro has organized this competition and its theme was the re-use of the 33cc bottle as an icon to reinvent probable and improbable objects, real or imaginary ones.This is a weapon for all the real intelligent wars: the bottle is the cartridge case, the sights is the symbol of peace and the beer is the tasty projectile to shoot at the enemies.
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