Bean - An illustration about a story of soybean.
girl from Hong Kong to Shanghai
Walk with me!
I like drawing
Say good bye to 2009!
short story after sars
do you know who is standing besides you?
lady who I meet everyday
We are Ready!
Pen magic painted by color pencil - painted in color pencil
dancing on ice
I draw, therefore I am!
Birthday wish 2010
Sleep - Sleep is good for our health,
But we don't wanna get into bed as earliest as we can,

Which is similar to:

We know something is good for our life,
but we never get it done ASAP,

Cause we are too lazy,
we need more sleep in Daytime!
beauty of loneliness - Be brave to loneliness
Be relax to loneliness.
Enjoy the lonely moment when you still can whisper to yourself.
Friendship - Sharing is the starter of a friendship,
Share our happiness,
Share our sadness,
Share our Love.
Panda friends
dream together - You have a dream.
I have a dream.
And why we can't dream together?
Cathy Hung
Illustrator and Graphic Designer Hong Kong, Hong Kong