Bulu, my friend Alice's pet
Bulu, my friend Alice's pet
drawing practice
drawing practice
Spring is coming
Dream - I drew this after I made a dream long ago~ it was amazing, I saw many whales were swimming in front of my eyes at Victoria Harbour, I wish I can see real whale swim in ocean as free as they can~

alice in my wonderland
Khalil - Khalil is one of my favorite singer and song writer, he is so talented in Music, I love his songs and his R&B style, I can played his song over 20 times in my ipod, ha ha ha

Eye - If you wish for a better world, first, let beauty grow in your eyes, try to see the brightness side of our world.
Eyes by water color pencil - My first try of water color pencil, I think color pencil is a handy tools.
she and he - I seldom draw male in my pencil drawing. This time, I try to draw a lady and a gentleman. They are come from an advertisement of a digital camera, guess what brand is it!? ha..
Pencil drawing practice
My Drawing
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