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Installed at the client's house, ready for the electricians to visit and set up the lighting. Yes indeed.
Rather nice lighting in the factory
The flat parts came in some weird and wonderful shapes
Sperm showing internal skeleton
Here we see the tack welded "sperm" element. Imagine the flat shape for that edge chamfer/facet :)
Sperm tack welding complete
seam welding complete
The "Egg" component showing some internal structure. Figuring out the best sequence of assembly was critical to the build.
Egg tack welding complete
Egg orbital-sanded
CONCEPTION sculpture in plate aluminium

Our client requested an outdoor sculptural furniture piece inspired by the meeting of sperm and egg. He supplied a sketch and I developed the parts to be CNC machined from 4mm aluminium plate. I produced all CAD including flat plate development and nesting as well as production sequence and ID marks.

Craig Burton
Industrial Designer Melbourne, Australia