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I produced renders of this bar within an afternoon, having been briefed only on the size of the stand, the back wall graphics and the jellyfish lights.
Very quick render for Bic stand, to explore possible look and feel of a BeMatrix arch stand.
I developed the cabinet that you cant really see underneath the curved benchtop. Also designed the stand itself, including having specified the type and locations of joiners for the Bematrix structure.
Designed this entire structure and specified all the joiners, furniture, colours and general look and feel for the client.
Exterior furniture layout rendering to communicate client's ideas to client.
Exploration of furniture layout possibilities...
Organised and maintained all the plan drawings for all four Bunnings shows (Melb, Syd, Bris, Perth), each involving several hundred stands. Redesigned the entrance Feature shown here to have a wider entrance - and produced this render to communicate the look and feel.
Exhibition Design 2

Various examples of the Custom part of my exhibition work. All renderings produced by me. Models are Acad, renders are Vray.

Craig Burton
Industrial Designer Melbourne, Australia