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This is a hollow chair made from 4mm marine ply. The parts fit on one standard sheet. The edges are CNC machined to dovetail together as the shapes are flexed into position, then I use expanding glue to hold it together.
Splat! ...Designed after discovering Harold Edgerton's milk splash photographs and then dreaming about what it would look like to photograph a cricket ball dropping into a bucket of custard. There are no axis of symmetry or straight lines here. I never understood why furniture forces us to sit in a particular way, especially since no one bothers anyway (we lie down with legs over the arm rests etc.) So Splat! is furniture with no rules. Its soft foam with a steel skeleton....

Ideas for sculptural furniture. The Edge Chair has been prototyped but you don't get to see that :) Splat! was a final year piece at university.

Craig Burton
Industrial Designer Melbourne, Australia