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Team 1 -Full floorplan
Team 1- Exterior Building design
Team 1- Medical patient waiting area
Team 1- Adult patient exam room
Team 1- Partial plan of Life center
Team 1- Life center eating area
Team 1- Central courtyard for patients and staff
Team 1- Courtyard
Team 2- Exterior Building design
Team 2- Building plan and finishes
Team 2- Office conference room
Team 2- Apartment
Team 2- Pediatric exam room
Team 2- Main reception area between medical wing and lifecenter wing
Team 2- Second Floor waiting featuring fish tank
Team 2- Wayfinding signage by Leah Hall
Team 3- Quiet passive Therapy room
Team 3- Active therapy room
Team 3- Apartment living room
Team 3- Pediatric exam room
Team 3- Mood board
Team 3- Building plans- Apartments, life center, medical complex
Team 3- Therapy corridor in Medical building
Team 3- Medical building
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RIT students - INDE 403 Healthcare Design

RIT students from INDE 403 Healthcare class create a medical home and life center building for people on the Autism Spectrum. Students interviewed parents and other stakeholders to understand the needs of this particular demographic. Students also worked with Prof Bruce Meader's Environmental Design class to create wayfinding for the projects.
Teams included:
Team 1- B. Amare,A. Freeman,S. Gualtieri, M. Monick,
Team 2- H. Kim, J. Mok, D. Curle, A. Mokzran
Team 3- J. Bailey, L. Flood, C. Sciotti, C. Tyman

Christina Birkentall
Designer + Educator+ Researcher+Artist Honeoye Falls, NY