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2011 I was hired by the Milwaukee Public Theatre to make a 60 foot long puppet for the annual All Peoples Parade: : The name Quetzalcoatl means "Feathered Serpent." It brings together the magnificent green-plumed quetzal bird, symbolizing the heavens and the wind, and the snake, symbolizing the earth and fertility. Quetzalcoatl's name can also be translated as "precious twin," and in some myths, he had a twin brother named Xolotl, who had a human body and the head of a dog or of an ocelot, a spotted wildcat. http://www.milwaukeepublictheatre.org/parade.php Quetzalcoatl - Myth Encyclopedia - mythology, god, names, ancient, snake, world, creation, life, hero, king, people, creatures, culture, fire, warrior http://www.mythencyclopedia.com/Pr-Sa/Quetzalcoatl.html#ixzz1VhgUAuaL

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