An art-style concept for a Wehrmacht solider done as a sample illustration for a small game developer.
the description from my sketchbook claims it is a "gravedigger from outer space"
sketches of an interdimensional being from my short comics "from under the bed"
concept sketches of Carpenter - a secondary character for my short comics (story pitch) "Attic"
character art from my personal comic book project "MISJA"
digital art featuring Jacob and Carpenter - the main characters from a personal project "attic"
sketch for one of the main protagonists for a short story "coffee clatch"
Straw and Eugene - lead characters from my personal project "children of the dark waters"
sketch to a project "come! come! to the pit by the church!"
sketch to a project "I'm all alone in the universe! all alone!"
sketch to a project "cat and mouse game(with audience)"
concept art and sketches

sketches, quick character designs, etc.

Celina Cyganik
comics artist, sculptor Mikołów, Poland