"Primer" is what you get when all the artist wanted was just to draw a Gebril wearing a chaperone but ended up creating a whole platter of characters more or less based on semi-historical figures of Silesian folklore.

the premise of the story is told in series of retrospectives about how Primer the sharpshooter, a sheriff’s right hand and the leader of watchmen was banished from the Oasis and turned into headhunter.

estimated length of the project: 90 minutes;
animation type: traditional, 2D;
themes: western, action, comradeship, betrayal, self-fulfilling prophecy, nonlinear storytelling;
PRIMER: who are you and how did you get in here?
RASP: I'm a locksmith and I'm a locksmith.
A scene designed to introduce main characters of the story: Rasp the Gerbil, Marksman the Fennec fox, two African wild dogs - Silent and Unseen and Copper the Dingo.
test storyboard sequences for FPP zombie apocalypse game.
1. tag on a wall: the people want bread not brains
2. tag on a wall: the undead are not welcome here!
A piece of a fan-storyboard for Campo Santo's 'Firewatch'.
However while drawing it I had no prior knowledge about it's characters, story nor mood except watching two trailers, using one screen-shoot (Henry's tower interior) and listening to OST.
Idea to storyboard: sandstorm. (the scene was inspired by a game "Journey" and animated movie "Gwen, or the book of sand")

NOTA BENE: if you wish to see the full extend of my visual storytelling capabilities, I advise you to view folders that contain my comics book projects.

Celina Cyganik
comics artist, sculptor Mikołów, Poland