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Step 1 - Sketch
Step 2 - Coffe Stain Paint
Step 3 - Markers
Step 4 - Aquarela Pencil
Step 5 - Nanquin Ink
Step 6 - Marquers and Nanquim Ink
Step 7 - Pasteur Pencil
Step 8 - Final Render
2016 World Sneaker Championship

This project has two important points, the first one is that it’s an universal sneaker.
My user according to the rules is a man of 20 years old, but someone who is always on the go, whether at home, at work, studying or enjoying with friends.
I could have chosen a city as inspiration, but I decided to choose all major cities of the world, all metropolitan cities, cities that never turn off, which never sleep, for those people who are always on, and one thing that these people have in common is that they are always on the go, and to stay so long time awake, most of the time they drink coffee, so I used the coffe as part of my inspiration, which let me choose the coffee stain method to paint my draw.
Fellon shoe
Upper = Vanchetta Leather
Lining = sheepskin
Midsole = EVA
Sole = Rubber
A sneaker that have everything a good sneaker must have for those who are awlays on.
and the second import point is that this project is a sneaker for sneakerheads made by a sneakerhead designer.

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Cesar Junior
FootWear Designer Franca, Brazil