ChapStick DUO Launch

Gone are the days of carrying only one flavor of ChapStick like some kind of barbarian. With the world at your fingertips, consumers are demanding more of everything. Give us more entertainment, more news, more posts, more tweets, more music, more games, more, more, more!!! We want all the flavors ChapStick, not just the regular flavors, new flavors, more flavors; we want ALL THE FLAVORS!! The folks at ChapStick replied, you can have them all; but only two at a time. ChapStick DUO was a new launch that required a lot of education since there was no other product on the market that functioned the way it did by clicking any two flavors together. All of these used some kind of education with graphics, a tablet, motion or a video monitor to educate the shopper on how to use the product. These displays were from different points of the development stage, so the look can vary widely. I was responsible for all the conceptual and graphic treatments as well as the modeling and rendering.

Chad Buske
Conceptual Display Designer NJ