Dove Hair Care Etagere Display

Can you move it a little to the left? Can we make it green? Blue? Lose the base? What if we just move these graphics here? How about we…just start from scratch. Customers in my experience, tend to change their minds…A LOT. This one started as a permanent display project that had no sku counts, height requirements or a budget. The only information we had was the shape and footprint of the Walgreens etagere space. They loved the concepts and chose the display shown with a few limitations like a sku count, height restriction, and a budget. And oh yeah; it also needed to be made a temporary display. Luckily I was able to put my structural skills to work and convert this permanent display into a corrugated temporary design. The final design being corrugated, is very faithful to the initial concept.

Chad Buske
Conceptual Display Designer NJ