Family Cookbook

This book was a labor of love but a lot of times it was a labor of frustration. I started this project in March of 2016. It started after listening to my family argue about how to make homemade macaroni for the 63rd time. You would think that after making it twice a year for about 75 years they would have a pretty good handle on it, but no. I suggested that we should write some of this stuff down. Of course, I get yelled at, “we know what we’re doing!”

One of my cousins suggested that I start writing this stuff down and hand it out to everyone. Because I’m an idiot I thought, yeah that’s a good idea. Wide eyed, I thought I would make something unique for everyone in my family to keep and hand down to their kids. Maybe it could be more than just a cookbook. It could have pictures, stories, even some kind of a family tree! Woo Hoo!

Two and a half years later, here is a snippet of the book so you can get a feel for it along with some photos of actual books that were printed. Enjoy!

Chad Buske
Conceptual Display Designer NJ