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Metal Gear Rex w/ Gekko
from Metal Gear Solid 1 & 4

-13.5 cm tall
-33 points of articulation
-Movable jaw
-Movable Radome
-Movable Radome fins
-Movable FE Laser (up/down, 360 deg. horizontal rotation)
-Movable toe spikes
-Extending lower legs w/ simulated hydraulic rams
-Ball-jointed neck (base of head)
-Ball-jointed feet
-Ball jointed Railgun & Radome
-Ball-jointed side armor
-Dual ball-jointed hips
-Collapsible & swiveling knees
-Movable spine
-Double-jointed heels

-1 inch tall
-Support stand

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A.B. Cruz
Toy Designer Manila, Philippines