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If Santa was from India - Its a Hilarious take on population of India and the santa claus plight when reaching out to everyone of them
Automobile Design as career choice for youngsters - Everyone has a soft corner when it comes to vehicle. With abundant talent and potential within youngsters for designing, they seek out for a proper platform to nurture their skills. In this ad, a concept sketch of two wheeler has been put. The hands and the caption "shape your career" is to bring to focus the point that, the talented youngsters can now follow their dream by doing what they always liked to- "Designing"
Organ Donation - We usually donate our items to the needy after we have out grown it or stopped using it. So this ad tries to bring in a point that our organ which is even more precious also needs to be donated to people as there are people in even greater need for it..
Deo for Women - Most of the ads portray the women being attracted to girl by their smell. On contrary its usually the other way round. In this ad, the deo is projected as containing floral fragrance (which is in sync with women preference). The deo has the ability to keep the women as fresh as she was in the morning with its long lasting fragrance. The ad is pictured in night to bring out this essence.
Wildlife Study - Everyone are fascinated by animals and birds but hardly a handful take up wildlife study. Its necessary to have a deeper understanding about them, so that we can protect them better. This print ad tries to drive home the point that there is a lot of difference between seeing and understanding. A education structure for the enthusiastic will make them better placed in understanding them, there by helping in improving our wildlife.
Vaseline Skin Care - Time spent with your children are the said to be some of the most cherished moments for a parents. Every parent wishes to provide their children the best of everything. In this ad, the role of vaseline in keeping both parent and child skin radiant and positive energy it brings to the relationship is highlighted.
Vaseline Skin Care - Marriage is one of the most precious moments in our life. We make vows for life to protect and take care of each other. The unconditional love and care involved with the start of the a beautiful relationship is blended with the benefits of the vaseline. This emphasis the fact that vaseline will take care of your skin thrpogh out your life and keeps its glowing always.
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Chandan Venugopal
Product Designer Bangalore, India