1-HSI_One hand soldering iron

1-HSI is an iron that can be used easily with one hand unlike the existing iron.
1-HSI is an item that complements the shortcomings of the existing iron,
and can put lead into an iron in the same type as the pencil lead.
The method of use is to put lead in the back of an iron,
press button by a user if necessary, and use the lead melted down.

1-HSI can adjust the length of an iron if you turn the cap at the back of an iron,
and thus it is more efficient in operation.
A nuser can also check the residual lead inside through the transparent part of the side of an iron. In usual times, a user can recharge or use by plugging an electrical cord to the endpiece of an iron and if necessary, can separate the electrical cord from it
so that a user can be preoccupied with his or her work more easily.

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Chanhee Han
Product Designer at Samsung Electronics Seoul, South Korea