SEESAW - How much water is wasted when you soap?
Most people rub a soap after watering their hands without turning off the water.
The 'Seesaw' Faucet solved this water waste with a natural behavior and a simple structure.
The concept of this faucet is 'Seesaw'.
If one side of seesaw goes up, the other side goes down.
This simple up-and-down principle of seesaw-that is, if a function operates, the other one naturally stops- is applied to designing Seesaw faucet.
Its left side is water, and in its right side, people can use a soap. Pressing the faucet bar's left, the water runs.
If people press the pump to use a soap located in the faucet bar's right, the faucet bar naturally is tilted by the pressing power, so the water is cut.
If this kind of faucet is equipped in public restroom where much water wastes, it is expected that much water can be saved.

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Chanhee Han
Product Designer at Samsung Electronics Seoul, South Korea