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Commercial Office

The office of Runway Magazine is the spatial equivalent of a black patent-leather Chanel tote bag; sleek, well-appointed and sophisticated. Just as the tote is beautiful solo, yet is even more stunning when complemented with the addition of the perfect fashion ensemble, the office will serve as the ideal back-drop to the fashion ideas and concepts it showcases. A color scheme of soft grays, crisp whites, edgy blacks and metallic silvers enable the bold fashion imagery throughout the office to delightfully contrast visually, stimulating the creativity of the end user. Posh translucent materials and glitzy surfaces -representative of the smooth patent leather- aid in distributing light and creating drama throughout the space. A day at Runway Magazine compels one to feel inspired, chic, and a bit more in touch with their inner diva.

Charla Ray
Interior Designer, Associate IIDA Portland, OR