Sword and Swocery EP print - Illustrator Charlene Chua creates a new limited edition print for the 2nd release of the Sword and Swocery soundtrack. Sword and Swocery is a best-selling game for the iPad and iPhone. Created by Superbrothers and published by Capybara games, it features a soundtrack by renowned Toronto musician Jim Guthrie.
NXNE cover illustration - Charlene Chua illustrates the cover of Lucid Magazine. The feature was the NXNE music festival, which is a big free music bash in Toronto that features over 600 bands & musicians.
C&G - Narrative in Games - Charlene Chua illustrates the finer points of narrative storytelling in video games for C&G Monthly magazine.
Atom Egoyan - Illustration of Atom Egoyan for Lucid Media
Eating Well - Illustration for Eating Well about growing your own food.
God of War - Illustration of God of War game for C+G Monthly
Clash of the titans - Based on the movie of the same name.
The hunted
Bunny Bouquet
Ideosphere - Charlene Chua illustrates for the band Ideosphere and their new album Black Hole Transmissions. The album is s currently available for download on Bandcamp.
Ink & Photoshop illustration
Charlene Chua
Charlene Chua - Illustrator Toronto, Canada