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IRIS2 - New release of Davidson super techno light called IRIS launched in the Selfridges new window display to coincided with the London design festival 2008 (18th to 21st September).
Felix Lighter - Felix lighter is a super Svelte table light, shown during the 2004 Milan furniture fair.
Lander Chair - This was the first Lounge chair Davidson made which would form part of the Lander Project furniture range
Wheeler 42 - Wheeler 42 has been made for an exhibition of design celebrating the various uses, playfulness, aesthetics and revolution art winders of the wheel and all things round.
McQueens Flower shop, London 2006
Black-Lights at the Tokyo Design Tide - The Black-Lights were exhibited at Tokyo Design Tide in November 2006.
Lander N-type - The origional Lander chair was upholstered in titanium coated neoprene fabric with sand blasted aluminium legs. This new version is using the reverse of the same fabric laminated with a skin of Black Lycra. Its design exudes shark like contours, giving the chair a vitality and sharpness as though it was lying in wait.
Silkworm bench - The Silkworm was first shown at the Designersblock show in Milan 2004. A cocoon of nylon rope originally to be made in steel cable that plays with the notion of a silk thread being as strong as an equivalent thread made from steel. For the purposes of the Milan show (considering transportation) a lighter weight nylon rope version was made with the result of transforming the bench into silk like cocoon. Silkworm is 3m long x 420mm high x 900mm deep.
Wheeler Ramp, London 05 - After showing the Wheelers in Milan and Frankfurt last year (2004) I decided to spice things up a little. I built a ramp and allowed visitors to take them for a spin. I think it worked.
Wheeler Ramp instalation - 7m long ramp installation intended to get passers by to interact..... The kids loved it
Wheelers - Fisrt shown at theTokyo design week (2004) the little Wheeler stools are super glide rest pads that are great for whizzing around on. Made from plastic and metal with little swivel rubber wheels these creatures also stack on top of each other like a troop of trained circus ants. The Wheelers will be available in signed special editions like the bubble transfer design version painted in Ferrari Scarlet red.

Vapour Lounge - Concept in development, a feather weight form held aloft by an invisible force. Composite material.
Wheelers Stickers - The Wheelers were always seen as a product you can customize with stickers, artwork and time.
Wheeler Ramp Tokyo 2005 - The Wheeler ramp was rebuilt in one of 40ft containers at the Container show in Tokyo last year after making it's debut in London the month before.
Light Frame - 3.5 meter square interactive lighting installation for Chelsea Harbour, London. In colaboration with AllofUs. Suspended 6 meters of the groud the paterns of coloured light changed according to the movement of people through the space below.
Interior - An interior of Davidsons Furniture, Carpet Dog by Andy.
LEGO concept sketch - Concept sketch for a LEGO play theme
LEGO roller balls - Concept drawings for a LEGO promotional video
LEGO, concept sketch - Concept sketch for an interactive game
A private commission to build a family kitchen table. Tubular steel and wood trimmed laboratory top.
British Consulate - Milan - I was asked by the British Consulate in Milan to exhibit my Black-Light and Crunk Chair at the Ambassadors private residence for a special British Design Day promoting British Designers during the Salone.
Limited Edition - Design one offs and prototypes. A new book by Sophie Lovell featuring the works of Charlie Davidson. Pieces include the Black-Light and Crunk Chair.
ISBN 978-3-7643-8895-9
Cool Chair - Shown at 100% Design in London 2009, Davidson latest piece has caused quite a stir. Made from 2mm punched steel sheet and gas welded.
Charlie Davidson
Charlie Davidson Studio Gothenberg, Sweden