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Tokyo Wow - Exhibition of Japanese Culture, Design and Art Direction
With Shona Heath and David Wakely and A&N Design for BBH 2000
Metro Bench Concept 2003 - A sprung laminated form combined with a aero inspired structure
New York Design Week 06 - This show was on Gansevoort Street in the Meat Packing District of New York
Salt and Pepper 2003 - Inspired by Felix lighter these Salt and Pepper shakers were a made in a small batch for Christmas presents.
Ray Lighting System 06 - First shown at the 2006 Salone Satellite, Ray was made to illuminate my main feature, The L3, The Lander Lounge Lizard.
Wheeler V3 Concept 06 - The V3 Wheelers where made for the Salone Satellite 2006 in an attempt to simplify the design and reduce production costs. However plastic moulding is were there future is.
New York Design Week 06
Rock and Roll Design - Seoul Design Week 2005
Charlie Davidson
Charlie Davidson Studio Gothenberg, Sweden