Aegis (Flexible Armour)

Aegis is a flexible Armour concept, which was designed for Nike. The product utilises Piezo-electric fabrics, to charge the on board Bio-metric sensors, and possibly to act as the armour itself, reacting electronically, much like a synapse to a muscle. Another approach to be considered for the armour itself, would be to use a polymer based material, which is sensitive to stimuli, and will stiffen under impact, protecting the user. Another speculative feature would be to reinforce the joints, again with a Piezo-electric woven fabric, to minimise any hyper-extension of the joints, reducing the chance of dislocations and ligament damage. A more analogous approach would be to reinforce the joints with a kevlar blend, which would act like cables on a suspension bridge to keep the joint from hyper-extending.

Charlie Gavillet
Birmingham, United Kingdom