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Advertisement: Promotional Card (92.5 FM) - Direct Mail piece designed for MOViN 92.5 FM Seattle. Collage style with a modern edge.
Print: Visual Collage Style (Las Palmas) - Jungle-themed print designed around the amazing imagery captured by Pieter Hugo of the men who tamed hyenas in Nigeria. The print is a mirrored collage style design that uses photographic elements edited in muted earth tones for color balance.
Advertisement: Promotional Card (92.5 FM) - Contest scratch-off card for direct mail. Designed for MOViN 92.5 FM with strong photography and modern edge.
Logos: Various Color Logos - Various logos designed in different styles for multiple clients in varying industries. Logos represent the multitude of styles I can adhere to.
Logos: Various Logos - Each company has its own identity. The logo is the single most seen figure of any company, and is by far the most well known identifier. Therefore, each logo is unique and based on the specific image the client is trying to project. All are presented here in black-and-white to emphasize their design and shape.
Poster: Collage Style (Consume) - A collage style poster created to illustrate our consumption of mass media in the advanced world we live in today. The hands in the image illustrate the selfish nature of our consumption of this media. The use of vintage electronics is a juxtaposition to our modern technology. The aura surrounding the collage shows just how much power mass media possesses.
Advertisement: Promotional Card (Downtown Disco)
Advertisement: Promotional Card (92.5 FM)
Promotional One Sheet (The Scene Aesthetic)
Poster: Bold Graphics (Kid Sister) - Poster designed in a modern illustrative style. Vector illustration used for varying elements. Bright colors were inspired by the music and style of the artist Kid Sister.
Poster: Creative Poster (Music) - Creative poster created with a bright and vibrant design that is colorful and visually stimulating. Red text captures your attention while the yellow background makes this piece hard to miss. The colors were sourced from the cassette tapes for the
layered shapes. Comic book inspired half-toning was used on the guitarist as well as the shadow effects on the shapes for visual variety and added style.
Poster: Tour Promo (Matt Nathanson) - Tour poster for acoustic singer/songwriter Matt Nathanson. Poster highlights April dates across the country. Attention grabbing design with a vibrant color scheme. Circus and carnival inspired theme. Collage items feature color overlays for visual impact. Vignetting around the edges gives the project a vintage feel. Transparency effects highlight the name and tour dates for clarity and organization.
Poster: Tour Promo (Matt Nathanson) - Tour poster for acoustic singer/songwriter Matt Nathanson. Poster highlights April dates across the country. Freehand design scheme featuring handwritten font and scribble as a background style. A tight crop surrounds the artist placing him as the only photographic image on the black background for maximum visual impact.
Advertisement: Promotional Card (107.7 FM)
Advertisement: Promotional Card (98.7 FM)
Advertisement: Magazine (Strategic Blood Management) - Magazine ad designed for a blood management company. The use of bold dimensional photography is accented by modern design and informational text.
Advertisement: Promotional Card (Xipto) - Promotional piece designed for a new mobile advertising company. Created with the goal of explaining a new and complex technology - this piece accomplishes that feat with the use of bold graphic icons, light colors and simple informational text in approachable fonts.
Poster: Movie Promo (Fowl Play) - Theatrical poster for a short film. The poster has many elements suggesting the horror of the film. Multiple images composited and edited for a darker feel. 'Fowl Play' text was maniuplated to emulate blood on the street. Shadow, smoke, and lighting effects are used as well to create this eerie poster.
Advertisement: Promotional Card (Solique) - Advertisement card for a luxurious resort spa. A very soft and tranquil blue was used as a way to tie in the color of the pool as well as to represent the light and airy feeling you get when attending their facility. Transparency of the photo array was adjusted to soften the look of the photos and to bring them into the layout. As a unique touch, color instead of space was used to separate the text in the Solique Spa branding.
Advertisement: Promotional Card (Bistro 97) - Advertisement card for an Italian bistro. Script and classical fonts were used to keep the design interesting and easy to read. Transparency trims the bottom edge of the photo highlighting the name of the restaurant. The black bottom portion adds contrast to the bright coloration of the food while giving the white and grey text a nice backdrop. The addition of the 4 stars is a subtle touch that communicates the exquisite quality of the food served.
Advertisement: Promotional Card (Ice) - Promotional handout for a nightclub event. This project uses very cool colors from a tight family of blues to give the entire project an icy feel. Many promotional photos for Armin have been composited into the layout, all containing an element of blue for continuity. Notice the visual crosshair created by the two corners of the middle backgrounds and the horizon line of the icy waters in the strip to the right.
Event Invitation (PND+Fragment) - Event invitation for a company sponsored event. A warm, earth tone color grouping was
selected for an overall professional look and feel. Sharp fonts were used for clarity and
presentation. The background pattern was added for texture and visual appeal in the
otherwise negative space. A dark band was placed to the right of the text to visually draw the eye down the column of information.
Business Card: Illustrative Style (Tattooed Soul) - Illustrative business card. The image is composed of a hand-drawn illustration that was then digitized, colorized, and manipulated to create the mirrored intricate patterns in the card. Paint and ink spatters were spread to emphasize color of the 'tattooed' card. The rivet accent allows for multiple uses and is a piercing of sorts.
Advertisement: Promotional Card (deja) - Promotional handout for a nightclub concept. This project uses many bright colors set against a grey background. This evokes the feel of the nightlife deja offers as well as simulating the effect of bright neon lights set against a dark city skyline. The vector illustration of the female dancer was created specifically for this project. The starbursts give the otherwise empty upper third some visual appeal. Overlapping the girl creates a unique look.
Magazine Cover (Fashion) - Magazine cover and layout design. Multiple colors were used on the cover to illustrate different meanings. Red to draw attention to the premiere issue, green for Spring, burgundy for the Fall/Winer season preview, orange for precision, and purple for luxury.
Post Card (Venice) - Post card designed with a classic photo, but with modern design touches. Overlaid vector shapes add a playfulness to this beautiful canal-way. A slight transparency helps outline the 'Venice' titling. The back of the card has a light printed reverse image of the front, as if it were semi-transparent for effect. The text reads "ciao dall Italia" which translates to "hello from Italy."
Print: 3D Text (Fresh To Death) - Print designed with the use of 3D rendered text in a unique font and a watercolor and "flame like" paint backdrop. The text reads "FRESH TO DEATH" and has a slight edge gradient applied to each letter.
Logo: College Supply Website - Clean and vibrant logo created for a college supply sales website. Bright colors are sure to get noticed. The surfboard or skateboard style element in the background adds a youthful edge to what could've been a very simple logo.
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