"A LOVER & A FIGHTER" - This art piece is much more than the front grille of a 1953 Jeepster. It represents the duality of everyday things that can fulfill two completly opposing purposes, by just the application of a new paint job.
"Chiqeater" SCULPTURE SERIES - My controversial series of banana shaped plaster sculptures raised quite a few eybrows. To paraphrase the artist statement: THIS SERIES OF SCULPTURES ARE A SOCIAL COMMENTARY ON THE DISAPPEARANCE OF THE REAL MAN IN MODERN AMERICAN SOCIETY.

Results: My series of sculptures were selected by a jury to be displayed at the inagural Hermosa Beach Art Walk. They were also selected by the owner to hang in the Klade Gallery of Hermosa Beach California.
Fine Art
Shawn Campbell
Colour & Materials Designer at Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd. Royal Leamington Spa, United Kingdom