This is the original logo for the year-long dialog. Everything that Rose-Hulman has ever come up with for an advertising scheme (t-shirts, posters, you name it) is white and has our black and red R.
So I thought the student campaign we could use something fresher. I thought about symbols on campus that unite us as a school and The Self-Made Man statue came to mind. His values were exactly the emotions that I wanted to solicit from students when we asked for feedback.
I took some photographs and messed around with Gimp to come up with this.
One of the events that we held was asking students what they valued most about Rose-Hulman. Starting with defining what we liked most about Rose-Hulman could be a good segue into defining what we'd like to change. So we asked students what they valued most. We received tons of qualitative information via post-its.
Here's what we found.
To get more feedback about what students wanted to change, we wrote all over the main quad in chalk trying to spur ideas.
And students responded well. They responded to questions on boards around the quad: how do you feel about having a GPA? How do you feel about spending five years in school (instead of four)?
Rose-Hulman strategic planning committee

For 14 years in a row, Rose-Hulman has produced the US's #1 undergraduate degree in engineering. The problem is, we're just a little behind the times in some areas. So the school put together The 'Great' Debate, a year-long dialog among students, faculty and alumni around the world, to define where Rose needs updating.

We've since moved into strategic planning, and over the next six years we'll be executing great measures to revolutionize engineering education for the undergraduate.

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Brian Cherbak
Engineer at MindTribe Product Engineering San Francisco, CA