Before my redesign, this is what the original tester looked like..
...and the original interface. It was meant to be a very rough prototype.
Here's my PCB design in Altium.
One version of the tester assembled. I populated the boards by hand and modified the boxes to fit the PCB and ports.
The finished product.
USB to proprietary connector.
Tesla Motors production line battery pack tester

I worked with Tesla Motors in Battery Engineering for five months in the summer/fall 2011. One of the projects I worked on was an end-of-production-line battery pack voltage and communication tester for Model S + Toyota Rav4 EV. I redesigned the original tester: a large, clunky aluminum box with messy cables. Tesla has since made a number of these from my design plans that get used extensively internally.

This was my first exposure to the bay area, and my first experience of engineering with design in mind. I had to make something that was automatic to use and durable enough for a production floor.

Brian Cherbak
Engineer at MindTribe Product Engineering San Francisco, CA