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AIA Events Calender - The visual exploration of typographic elements found in architecture were used to create an events calender for the American Institue of Architects San Francisco. Letters A
to Z, numbers as well as punctuations were photographed and used to create ‘postal stamps’ for the upcoming events. The idea was commemorating architectural details in the 21st Centuary and the stamps were used as a connotation for connecting people.
Type Journal - Personal Type journal - experiment with different mediums such as illustrations, photography, collarges, calligraphy and expressive typography. Exploring type as the ‘source’, the fountain head the journal helps me challenge my notions of typography, without abandoning a commitment to
Children's Discovery Museum - The concept for the redesigned logo was to show a child’s learning experience at the museum would be through seeing, hearing, touching and talking; primary and secondary colors were used for the logo to further enforce this concept. The new logo was then adapted to expand the brand image by creating other collaterals. The overall look created was of a vivacious learning enviroment.
VAMA - Identity - The process of logo development started with explor-ation of various forms the craftswomen use in their embroidery to express themselves, exploring the meaning of symbols and learning about the history of its formation from the women. My logo gradually transformed into a simple calligraphic line drawing of a lady with a pot of water on her head.
Type journal - Experimental Typography