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Vintage Advertising Exhibit - Displayed 10/31/08-11/30/08 in the Elmhurst Public Library
Vintage Advertising Exhibit
Vintage Advertising Exhibit
Vintage Advertising Exhibit
Vintage Advertising Exhibit
Vintage Advertising Exhibit
Vintage Advertising Exhibit
Vintage Advertising Exhibit
Vintage Advertising Exhibit
Vintage Advertising Exhibit
Wizard of Oz Display - Hand-drew this entire thing - Including the Wizard of Oz logo - in Illustrator. (Couldn't seem to find one that super tiny) also drew the Emerald City and mixed that with the rainbow and clouds.
Vintage Lunchbox Display
Celebrating Heroes Display - Display promoting an annual meeting with the theme "Celebrating Heroes"
ELMHURST READS: Shadow Divers - For the 2010 ELMHURST READS program, I created an exhibit in the main lobby. Each program had a diorama, which was I made from scratch using only paper products and LED lights. I covered the glass with navy paper and printed portholes, which I cut the navy out for viewing. Total time spent installing was seven hours, building the exhibit took 60 hours.
Winter Reading Display - Created a Winter Reading Display. Theme was "Chill Out and Read." Was inspired by The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe: The Chronicles of Narnia movie based on the book by C.S. Lewis.
A challenge in the making: Summer Reading at my library draws over 5,000 participants, but Winter Reading brings only 900 signups. Why the disparity in the numbers? We're drawing from the exact same audience, the program is the same length, and we offer fantastic prizes for both. In fact, your odds are much higher of winning in winter, so why are the numbers so low? We launched a massiver publicity blitz surrounding the installation of an ice cream exhibit. As a result, more than 1,200 children participated in the Winter Reading Program in 2011-20122, a 40% increase from the previous year. The number of children who completed the program rose 60% from the previous year.
more than 48 cones were hand created over the course of two weeks.
The ice cream was hand made from canned frosting and powdered sugar, and dyed and decorated to match the name of each flavor.
Kids' Librarians were enlisted to come up with 40 flavors using famous childrens' books. Some of the titles were not used, and an additional 20 were created by the exhibition designers.
A patron favorite, "Cherrylotte's Web" stood out among the diverse collection.
"Sylvester and the Magic Pistachio" was a huge hit among the adults.
A designer's favorite, "Little House on the Praline."
"Coralime" was an instant favorite when the exhibit was posted on Facebook. One commenter raved "Neil Gaimen would approve!"
It wasn't hard to get a photo of children glued to the display. It was an easy enough task to direct them to sign up for the program as well!

One of the key responsibilities in the Public Information Coordinator position is the created and management of two exhibit cases. Sometimes this involves booking outside exhibits, but it most frequently involves creating exhibits in house. These are a few of the most successful exhibits.

Cher Moore
PR & Marketing MacGyver Extraordinaire Chicago, IL