Under Armour Skate - Concept skate for the playmakers role within ice hockey. Concept based around cutting back on unneeded weight and protection while limiting the number of parts that occur in current skate assembles.
Skate Ideation Sketches. Concepts began very mechanical but evolved into a minimal supportive form.
Wifi Modem Concept - Quick CAD/sketch render of home wifi modem concept.
Mont Products - Space Heater Photoshop Render
Brand Collaborative - Speakers designed with Roku and Livestrong as collaborating companies.
CCTV Cameras
Watch Sketches
Chair Sketches
Ideation for Pioneer Branded USB
Illustrator Render
Illustrator Render
Earbud Ideation for Mixed Media
Mixed Media Exploration
Home Air Purifier - Work in Progress...
Home Air Purifier - Work in Progress...
Home Air Purifier - Work in Progress...
Hooli Eyewear Cases
Sunglass Ideation
Hooli Brand Story Refinement Sketches
Little League Helmet Sketches
Shoe Sketches
Figure Skate
Earbud Headphone Sketches
Earbud Headphones Sketches
Backpack Sketches
Stacking Chairs
Sketches and Other Works
Chet Larrow
Industrial Designer at Key Technologies Cincinnati, OH