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MOSAIC - the light tile - The Mosaic light tiles are special glass plates lit from the inside, that can enhance the look and the atmosphere of the environment where they are placed. The tiles behave like small displays, reproducing any color or any pattern, depending on one's taste. The user can set the best lighting conditions matching with his mood and needs.

Design: Chiara Mulas for Philips Lighting
AURORA - dynamic mirror light - Aurora represents an absolute innovation in the bathroom market, bringing new lighting possibilities. Given the user's needs both for a good illumination in the mirror zone and for creating atmosphere in the bathroom, Aurora accomplishes all these requests, adding value to the domestic setting.

Aurora has been developed in collaboration with Philips Lighting.

Design: Chiara Mulas, Hanneke Bergmans, Floor Baas, Marco Koekkoek, Odin Visser, Jorrit Buurman
Picnic set for forest workers - Thanks to this picnic set, forest workers can enjoy a picnic in the forest, just driving the pegs into the logs to keep their plates stable.
The telescopic cutlery are specifically designed for campfires.

Design exercise, working with contrasting characters.
mp3 meter - step counter - "With the PHILIPS mp3 Meter music becomes
your trainer."
Implemented in a mp3 player, the Activity Meter measures one's activity during the day, visualizing the reached goals through its circular display.
According to the level of intensity of one's activity, music can be set to change.
The product itself, as a tattoo, becomes not only a useful device to carry everyday, but a symbol of one's awareness for a healthy lifestyle.

Design: Chiara Mulas for Philips Domestic Appliances
Interactive tiles - A kitchen for any occasion - The counter top is continuously regenerated, adapting to one's needs and mood, thanks to the Scavolini Interactive Tiles, multifunctional and easily interchangeable tiles for kitchen furniture.
The external surface of the tiles is in glass-ceramics scratch-free, enabling a comfortable and enjoyable cooking experience.

Design: Chiara Mulas for the 'Scavolini Kitchens Workshop'
Kiri.pack - packaging for organic fruits and vegetables - Organic fruit and vegetable packaging obtained from a single-wall corrugated board sheet only punched and creased, without glue, 100% recyclable and printed with non toxic colours.
A practical and unusual packaging for display, promotion and organic products sale, complying with higher standards of sustainability and quality.

Design: Chiara Mulas and Ilaria Niccoli
Lemon squeezer - Making lemonade with lemon-squeezer becomes a simple and fast operation: lemon
juice squeezes directly in the bottle from the
funnel and after having removed the squeezer (the upper component) sugar and water are easily added. The bottle is ready for the fridge.
A fresh, natural and fresh-quenching drink is ready!

Design: Chiara Mulas
ONDA - small cabinet for coffee dispenser - A practical cabinet provides comfortable coffee breaks in any office environment.
Bright colours, neat curves and soft shapes are essential qualities for an inviting corner, where stress dissolves in a smoking cup of coffee...

Design: Chiara Mulas and Ilaria Niccoli
Chiara Mulas
Industrial designer, MSc Rome, Italy