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Bobos - bourgeois & bohemian - The target group of this design is the Bobos (bourgeois bohemian, Bobos). The design method of Kansei Form Composition was adopted. At first stage, we researched the personalities of the Bobos, and collected 100 image cards they might like. We invited 8 subjects whose personality was close to the Bobos to categorize the cards and interviewed with them. After statistics and analysis, we got some hints for the design. Series furniture was designed through the method.
Bobos - bourgeois & bohemian - Alarm clock and bookshelf series.
Stand Alone bookshelf (Involved designer: Yusuke Koyama) - The average bookshelf or bookends could prevent book from tilting. However when we remove one book, the adjacent books may tilt or fall. The more books that are removed will increase the problem. By using the special column arrangement of this new product called STAND ALONE this problem is solved. This new and innovative bookshelf on the wall makes each book stand upright, even with the absence of adjacent books. In this way the user can more easily classify the books.
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