pantech ideations - ideation around networked music phones for pantech
Treestump game - Interactive treestump game! Guess which bugs eat which food.
Watertank case design - Wood slat-clad watertank case design for Bugworld Experience in Liverpool
Interactive beehive drawing - Interactive 'beehives' teach children about bees and honey production. Open the doors to pull out honeycomb models. Bugworld Experience, Liverpool.
illustrations and character designs
Food illustrations - Food illustrations created for a cookbook. Hand drawn in wacom+photoshop.
Comic book spread - Misadventures in the Brazilian rainforest with my characters Kate+Binky.
Comic book spread2 - Carter investigates the city
Seabright Beach, Santa Cruz CA - quick pen sketch of a perfect day
Oakland Estuary - Lunchtime sketch of iconic cranes+estuary in sunny Oaktown, CA
lake chabot landscape - pen on paper landscape sketch from nature
Chip Beal
Industrial Toy Designer Oakland, CA