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Cadillac Genna - Genna is a new proposal line for Cadillac.
A brand new design that is S.U.V + mini van.
Genna is meanning "family" in greek. Genna is more targeted for people with family who aims better style.

AUDI YANUS 3D MODEL - developed 1/4 scale model for Audi Yanus.
Audi Yanus Alias 3d Model - Audi Yanus is a vehicle that would be driven on an automatic highway system using a drive by wire technology for the year 2020. Yanus is a 1+ 4 bi-directional vehicle that could be driven both manually and by drive by wire system.The target customer for this vehicle is a business owner who travels a lot, such as a realtor or possibly a sales person
This vehicle is divided into 2 sections, one side for driving and the other section for conference or meetings or even a place to rest while moving from A to B
On this side, the driver can manually drive if he wishes to with the seating positioned very low to accentuate the sporty feeling while driving.
The large glass area provides extremely good visibility and a feeling of openness.
The engine is attached to the tire giving a better package for this vehicle proposal.
The other side has tinted glass for privacy that could be only seen from inside
Since this side is drive by wire, the driver can computerize his destination and concentrate on his work during his travel.
Sketches for Audi Yanus. - developed sketches for Yanus.
Hyundai Summ - Hyundai Summ is a 1 + 2 seating system that combines the characteristics of both a motorcycle and a sports car.
To keep the theme of a motorcycle, the driver sits in a position similar to that of a motorcycle, leaning forward and in the middle.
This will enable the driver to have the feel of riding a motorcycle with 2 passengers in the back and also be safe since this vehicle, actually, is a sports car.The engines are exposed in the rear and the rear tires are larger and rounder than the front tires as you would see in a motorcycle.
The spoiler and the fenders are combined in one shape that covers the rear tires