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Three Product Overview
Tap:tile poster - A range of touchscreen electronic devices intended to support the delivery of digital inclusion and demonstrate its benefits. Tutorials, rental services and inclusive, familiar harwadre make it easier and less expensive for older adults to engage more with digital technologies.

Masters research project (team work credited also to Seema Jain, Luke Pattinson, Frankie Critchfield and Mark Harrison-Stanton)
Operating Interface - Tutorial Mode - ...tutorial video demonstrating basic operation
Tutorials - Aiding Transition - Taptile offers video and text tutorials and support to aid the consumer from day one and help build their confidence in their own time - aiding the transition to using more complex digital technologies and future Taptile product ranges.
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Rental System & Product Support - Taptile takes the responsiblity of troubleshooting problems or replacing hardware away from the consumer with its rental/support system - reducing the level of required expertise and the finanical burden associated with digital technolgies.
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Project Development & Process - Visuals from the early development process. An iterative method was followed developing the products in line with user feedback and evaluation.
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Project Development & Process - Images from the later stages of product development. Each iteration of the design process allowed the team to develop and consider a range of requirements in parallel.
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Taptile - Delivering Digital Inclusion
Chris Huggins
Experienced Product Design Graduate London/Cambridge, United Kingdom