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GREYSCALE SUPPERCLUB - Can one duplicate the past? This was the challenge that turned into a true adventure as I sought to learn about and develop an Art Deco restaurant. I chose New York City as its location and the years spanning the 1920’s and 30’s for my time frame. Investigating traditional dishes from various countries: America, France, and Austria, Greyscale’s cuisine and subsequent design, had to reflect the sophisticated style of the time.
DOMESTIC DESTINATIONS - This concept explored a long list of possibilities presented to those with a desire to escape from their everyday surroundings. Its intent was to prove that the option of visiting distant places could be accomplished through the activation of simulated natural environments within the home. The design concept encompassed a sensory toolbox sourcing both the products of nature and man-made technologies with the goal arriving at destination X.

THE NIMBUS SKY LOUNGE - The focus of this project called for the development of an environment during which an in-depth analysis of its’ physical properties and the spaces they created were carefully critiqued. The evolution of this rooftop dwelling began with three dimensional explorations in chipboard and foam core. From its inception to its completion, discussions surrounding the positive and negative proportions of the space were central to its growth. Nimbus, meaning cloud, seemed a fitting name for the structure whose origin sits high above on a rooftop.

HUMAN LAYERS - Astroturf, pennies, keys, reflectors, Legos, corks . . . . . the list will continue. As long as I am drawn to the inherent beauty found within life’s everyday objects, my enthusiasm for designing attire around them will always be an inspiration. These concepts fulfill more than a desire to create visually appealing compositions, but also a passion for engaging the human spirit when wearing these creations in public.
THE TRUNK SEATING STORAGE - Storage and seating, as one unit, served as the central purpose of this piece of furniture. The road traveled from conception to construction represented a complex and detailed path. From the precise nature of answering why such a piece necessary to the endless array of changes made to its physical design. This experience was a challenge. The critical thought process involved here was an education in itself.
Chris Clemo