Reebok Fury Subliminal "GOMD"

INSPIRATION: 1980'S MOVIE "THEY LIVE"-When normal people would put on special
glasses they would see all the subliminal messages throughout the city/world.
Corporate America is full of subliminal messaging, this concept pokes fun at that and
Capitalizes on the current anti “big business” trend.

She is a confident outspoken person. This is about being a bolder, more confident woman/brand. We’re taking something you’d usually hear a man say and making it more powerful by a woman using it.

The instapump fury is arguably our most iconic, most ripped off, bootlegged model in our catalogue. By saying “Get off my dick” we embrace the attitude of the 90’s, boasting we are a bold, edgy, confident brand. Leaders, not followers, with the best product in the market that everyone wants to be like, we’re a force to be reckoned with. This is about taking the confidence back and smacking our competitors in the face with new bold unexpected design.

Chris Hill (Chrisco.)
Footwear/Product/Graphic Designer Boston, MA