Two handed bottle is just big enough for young kids and can easily get through security. The spout is easy to drink from once the foil seal is removed as well as the cap that keeps the spout safe from any germs or dirt.
The bottle easily getting through security
Blow Moulding mould
rough sketch
Disposable Travel baby bottle

Brief: create a new product to be blow moulded.

Duration: 5 weeks group work. All work shown is my own.

Result: a disposable travel baby bottle that is allowed through security. The actual bottle is 100 ml and is sealed so is therefore allowed through. However the actual bottle can fit 200 ml in so you can dilute the contents as much as necessary or want for your needs using a drinks fountain. There is two easy grip handles for small hands and an easy to drink from spout.

Chris Green
Student Product Designer Leeds, United Kingdom