The bottom of the bottle is the perfect replica of the top and therefore they fit into each other and save space
An easy to turn cap. Slightly larger with an integrated lever makes the contents more accessible to more people.
Blow Moulding mould
Ergonomic sustainable Juice/water Bottle

Brief given by NamPak: Create a new product that we can use our current facilities and blow mould it.

Duration: 3 weeks Level 2.

Result: I created this easy pour, ergonomic bottle for people with arthritis who struggle with regular bottles. The shape creates a more rigid bottle then the standard 2 liter bottle. There is a tilted spout so when the bottle is full there is less spillage. The cap has an easy to turn lever on it so people with arthritic hands are able to open it.

The other benefit of this bottle is its sustainable side. Because of the way the bottles are shaped they fit together perfectly and mean less lorries have to be used to transport them and would therefore save fossil fuel.

Chris Green
Student Product Designer Leeds, United Kingdom